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Logement en Toscane pour des familles

Logement en Toscane pour des familles


Tuscany Accommodations for Families

Campetroso: a pearl handled by an ancient Tuscan family.

A myriad of routes, for what is a land of incredible layering of culture and history and quality of life. Born into an old farmhouse from the early Campetroso 900 is a typical Tuscan stone farmhouse, now led by several generations with the same maniacal care hospitality typical of the Tuscan region. A Campetroso, where the landscape was solemnly carved by Mother Nature, but it was shaped and edited over the centuries following important human interventions.

The farm born Tuscan family tied to their land, work the land, was able to put their art and peasant wisdom in this little pearl called Campetroso. Though not technically a holiday cottage but a house is a place to combine relaxation and fun, love of the countryside and food and wine.

The farm is set like a precious pearl between sea and mountains and hills. The landscape is harsh at times and the hills become taller and majestic north. Villages that surround the hills, small towns full of wonders and history. The farm of this ancient Tuscan family that runs for over a century farm structures have further renovated apartment making them the maximum comfort in the unspoiled nature.

Ideal for a nature holiday, the family farm in Tuscany, not far from the sea. And 'ideal for sporting holiday or looking for a farmhouse in Tuscany suitable for children. The Holiday apartments in fact all have a small outside area. Also, and always welcomed by customers looking for a farmhouse in Tuscany for children, was prepared in a garden play area designed especially for children. As the air, the wine or the landscape, Campetroso is special. Nobody knows how to welcome their guests this family in Tuscany. A farmhouse in Tuscany near the children and their needs.

Not take advantage of this little corner of paradise is a real pity! The farm is usually open all year, and even our vacation home! take advantage of it to go here for that special holiday or just the weekend.

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